turtle dreams

I woke up this morning from a dream in which my mother was across from me behind some sort of counter, in front of a old secretary (tall wooden desk). She was telling us about breaking something and having to get up and walk. I wasn't sure what she had broken and I leaned forward and asked what did you break, your legs?

At that point she leaned into the cabinet saying broken, broken. There was a dusty glass plate in front of her with dust trails on it and sea shells. I thought she meant the plate or shells had broken. Suddenly I saw this tiny turtle scooting across the shelf very quickly.

Oh, I thought, I must have brought home a turtle egg by accident and it hatched! Oh no, it needs to be fed. So I reached in and carefully gathered it into my hands. I think it had a tinge of yellow on one part of its shell. Then I woke up.

Turtle is about connecting to your primary essence, about primal mother energy. Her shell is both sky and earth. Turtle energy is about going inside my shell and coming out when my ideas are ready. Knowing that there is an abundance out there for me and that I can take my time and let things happen naturally in the flow. Too much too soon would upset the balance.

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