Eat Snake Medicine!

I journeyed to the lower world on Friday to do a ritual. From the minute I emerged in the lower world snake was wrapping itself around my legs, arms, in and out of my hair and so on. Wolf met me and led me to the top of the mountain from which she surveys the lower world.

I did the ritual with wolf in the north, hawk in the east, snake in the south, and bear in the west. When I was done I thanked them. When I got to snake, I was told snake was going back with me. The others would come if needed. Then hawk flew back to us with a snake in its beak. I had this immediate reaction of 'why are you killing a snake?'. Hawk gave me that eye to eye stare and said EAT SNAKE MEDICINE. Ok. I got it. I don't know what it means but I got it. Thank you.

I went back up to the middle world. I read about snake totem and how they are about the kundalini and awakening that energy. They are also associated with the tree of knowledge and taking in knowledge. Snakes are female symbols as well as symbols of death and regeneration. Snakes are priestess signs.

Slept with my snake fetish last night. Seemed like a good idea. This morning as I was getting reading to leave for school, I put snake into my bra so I would not forget her as I packed up. I was just leaving and I must have bent over to pick something up as the snake fetish broke into five pieces over my heart chakra and all over the floor.

I think I just ate snake medicine.

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