domestic endeavors for turkey day

I spent most of the day with three little girls racing about the house. It was rainy outside. We had conversations about witches, believing in Santa Claus, and wanting to be the first woman president. Hopefully the last item will happen long before this batch of girls grows up given they wont be 35 for approximately 30 years.

I made pie crust, baked cakes, baked a pumpkin pie, and frosted cakes. A baking extravaganza to be enjoyed tomorrow on turkey day. It felt very domestic between the kids and baked goods. A good counter point to other threads in my life.

However, I do have a rather long term paper due next weekend. So started writing about Aboriginal women and reciprocity and other topics. Me desk is covered in articles with little tags and underlines and highlighter marks. I seriously need to dive into it and just work for a few hours. And soon.

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