Wild woman here we come....

I am getting my hair cut tomorrow evening. This is major as I have been very into having long-ish hair for the last few years. However, I keep getting messages -one from cat goddess - to cut my hair off. It seems odd to me to do that but then I sat with the idea for the last several months and thoughts started coming up.

Hair is cells and cells have memory. Long hair has lots of old memory. Cutting off that old memory is similar to clearing out old rubbish in a way and it creates space for new things to happen.

Having long thick very curly hair, I have amassed a large collection of clippies to hold it back. I figured out a way to take strands and twist them back and clip them into place pulling all the hair back from my face. When I work on clay, I put my hair all the way up. I really looked at myself in a mirror and realized this hair style makes me look stern and hard. Not how I feel inside.

And my hair is bound and not free. This idea of being bound is a key point intuitively. When I was a teenager and had very long wavy thick hair, people always tried to make me do things to contain or control my hair. Uncontrolled or very curly hair was seen as wild woman hair and being wild was not ok. That is an image that I no longer subscribe to. Wild, uncontrolled curls are just fine by me. Perhaps, however, with just a bit of shaping. :)

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