The Princess and The Pail

I was sitting at my table working away on a ceramic sculpture of a lizard. My bucket is always to the right of me on the garage floor. I look over and down and there is Princess the cat spread-eagled across the bucket. She has this idea that its ok to drink water out of it. Its not. So she had gotten herself up on the bucket, which has a wide rolled edge, with her back paws on one side and front paws on the other and she is lowering herself into the bucket to drink.

"Princess!" I yell. She looks up disgustedly. Then she decides ok, if I can't drink then I am coming up there! She bunches up the back legs and leaps up pushing off the bucket. The bucket goes flying over backwards, she goes flying up in the air, and the water goes all over the garage floor. I ended up having to back the car out and mop out the garage. Fortunately it mostly went under the car and out.

Princess left the scene of the accident immediately as any self-respecting cat would do. Her only problem was regaining her dignity after that stunt. Apparently the best way to do that was to spend the entire day sleeping on my bed.

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