self worth and value

I have been stressing out about pricing my sculptures. Why? Well there is the obvious reason that I am doing my first show and don't really have much of a clue about what to charge.

However, there is an underlying issue which is about value and self-worth to be considered. Case in point - I asked someone I met who also did ceramic sculpture about pricing. She started by apologizing - her pieces don't always sell well at this particular show, she wasn't very good at pricing, and so on. She gave me some input on pricing but it was all very much lower then I would have expected. I asked someone else who has done sculpture and showed him a piece. He held it, examined it closely and confidently gave me a price. A third sculptor told me to price things so that my heart did not hurt when the item was sold.

I realized I cannot use the first person's input as they have issues with self-worth. To do pricing I have to believe that what I am doing has value. And I do believe this. I know that others value my work as I have sold three pieces.

I ignore the voices in my head that remind me I have never been in a show, that I don't know how to price things, that no one will buy anything in this economy, etc. I value my creativity and what I produce from that creativity. I am valuable.

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