letting go of the male

I have embarked on the path of discovering the divine feminine for myself. All the reading I have been doing tells me to expect that my world view will change the more I learn and experience.

Well, its started. In reflecting upon events that impacted my world view when I was a child, I wrote about one for class that revolved around how my brothers treated me when we played games as a children. They constantly told me I could not do things because I was a girl and insisted that I could only play inferior, subservient roles. I knew this was wrong. It made me very, very angry. I would scream at my brothers and argue with them. It was as if they had no ears - which they did not.

I knew at that age that I could do anything they could do. And I set out to prove that and do better then them and I had a ton of anger to fuel that drive. Looking back, that anger and knowing was what drove me in my career in high tech - a world in which women have to operate on men's terms to be successful. I joked that I could do it because I was raised with three brothers and had to deal with them. And yet, I was never successful the way the men were.

So I quit my job which was the beginning of releasing all the old ways of being in a male world. Now I need to acknowledge that release and make it more vislble in my life. Consciously let go. Consciously release the anger. Consciously create new structure that comes from living in the feminine woman that I am.

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