day one with curls

Today was my first day with short hair. I left the hairdresser last night happy with my choice of chopping it off and woke up this morning still happy. However, it was really odd to run my fingers through my hair in the shower and feel how little I have left! I have never cut my hair this short. All day I fussed with it as I got used to it. Curls everywhere!

My daughter has been very grumpy about it; she likes long hair. The moms at school all tell me its adorable, cute, and looks great. And that their daughters hated it when they cut or changed their hair. Moms are not supposed to change; they are one of those things in your life that remain stable apparently.

Alas, my daughter has a mom who is undergoing a major life revision. Who knows what I might do next ! Stop dying my hair pink??

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