Last Saturday we all received an email with our first class assignment. Read two books and one article and write a 3-4 page paper by Sunday. You are now a Masters student.

Well, they did say that those of us who were new were not expected to read all the books by this weekend. I did get the most important one read. Feminism and Religion. It was a great overview of the field which answered several questions I have had about the reasons our culture evolved into a patriarchal society.

I also wrote up the paper they wanted. I was feeling very stressed about that until I adjusted my viewpoint. Everything I do right now revolves around creating. So I am treating the papers as opportunities to create, opportunities that give myself a voice. This helped tremendously to lessen the stress.

Orientation yesterday helped as well. I got to meet fellow students and some of them are pretty cool people. I am looking forward to this weekend even if I am still nervous about what it entails.

Suddenly I feel like my life is going to get busy and I am not sure I like that. Ask me again on Monday. :)

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