its ok, cough cough

Well, being proud of myself for getting over half the deck cleaned and painted with deck stain last weekend was a good thing. However, I spent yesterday and today paying for it. Must have overloaded my body with mold because my body just crashed on Thursday with a case of chronic allergic bronchitis. The worst part is not the cough but the complete lack of energy.

I did get two austen-esque novels read. Nothing like good trashy novels and a cat curled up at your feet when you feel like crap. And today I started in on a new bag of clay and have a cat in progress.

I have to keep reminding myself that my life is not on some urgent timetable any more. If the rest of the deck does not get done immediately, thats ok. If it takes a few weeks thats ok. Fortunately, the message is getting through. I am not motivated to be sick.

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