hand building, oh my!

I went to my new ceramics class today and had a great time. I showed the teacher my work and she went 'wow!'. Told me I was doing great stuff. She said she was not a sculptor but did hand building and could teach me technique. And proceeded to do that the entire class. Got to use a slab roller for the first time. Made little trays with textures and pillows that you blew air into. Yahoo!

I talked to her about an upcoming sale the ceramics guild is putting on. She suggested I go to the meeting they were having tonight on the sale. So I went. Signed up and paid for a 6 foot table. Scary but really fun. I met another sculptor at the meeting and had a wonderful chat about pricing and what to expect at the sale and so on.

Now I just need to create a bunch of pieces. Eek! Wait, but remember I am doing this because I WANT to. :)

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