Valley Ford

My daughter and I just got back from taking Grandma and Grandpa up to Valley Ford to visit my dad's brother Eugene. Eugene is 89 and Dad is almost 85. Uncle Eugene lives in Valley Ford which is a crossroads town on the way to Bodega Bay. His family owns and runs the local Italian restaurant Dinucci's. The brothers had a lot of fun visiting and telling stories.

We hung out in town, ate dinner at Dinucci's, drove up to visit my cousin Joe where he lives in the mountains above Occidental, went to Bodega Bay, and flew a kite on the beach. Lots of visiting. My cousin Jeannie recently acquired several black kittens which were a big hit with my daughter.

Valley Ford and that area is cattle country and they were spreading manure in the fields which they do this time of year. It adds an unmistakable aroma to the air. The cows dot the rolling golden hillsides while the fog rolls in and back out. Its very picturesque. I will post some photos soon.

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