two holes or three?

My daughter and I had a special conversation the other day. We were sitting on the couch together and she was wearing her cat costume which is a leotard top that snaps in the crotch. She unsnapped the snaps and was clearly not wearing underwear underneath.

This led to discussions of holes. Yup, the set of holes between your legs. Kids at this age are very curious about such things. She had asked me how many holes she was supposed to have. I had told her three. She had checked with a mirror. I told her this was a great idea as it was her job to get to know her body. But, she pointed out, there were clearly only two holes.

Ah, this was a very confusing concept for me as a child as well. I did not find out for the longest time that the hole your peepee came out of was too tiny to really see. I remember searching for it for the longest time and thinking either my body was wrong or my mom was wrong.

I explained the issue with seeing the hole where the peepee came out to her and pointed out where it was generally located. She was very relieved. She did not want her peepee to come out the hole where babies would come out. She thought that would be a bad idea. I agreed with her. :)

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