first grade

My daughter started First Grade on Wednesday. She told me the day before that she was not nervous because she knew how school worked. Maybe not nervous, but definitely over-excited and tired.

Every morning we get there and she starts looking for the other girls from her kindergarten class. When they find each other, they hold hands and look for more kids. Eventually there is this long chain of girls racing about. Today there were even more girls including ones from the other kinder classes.

All three kinder classes were mixed up across the three first grade classes. So they are all making new friends and have new teachers. She told me she really likes her teacher so we are off to a great start.

Other then yesterday where she couldn't get her container open with her bagel dog and didn't ask for help. She didn't drink anything and only ate crackers. Then melted down on me at 5pm. Then ate every hour on the hour until bedtime. Today, she got in the car and told me she forgot to eat her lunch (which was in a ziplock baggie, no excuses there). Then promply ate half of it and drank a lemonade box. Progress.

When her head hits the pillow she is out, thats one nice side effect of the tireds. The first night she had a bad case of babbling she was so over tired and excited. She woke up in the middle of the night, went and got Daddy to get her fresh water, and babbled at him the entire time. I could hear her from our bedroom. Then went back to bed, drank her water, and was out.

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