expanding consciousness

Haven't posted on the esoteric side for a bit. Been enjoying the laziness of summer and doing lots of hanging out. However, its time for a post from the spiritual side of things.

I finished reading Seth Speaks. If you are not familiar with the Seth books, they came out in the 60's and 70's. Jane Roberts was a psychic medium who channeled an entity that called himself Seth. Eventually, he dictated his own set of books; Seth Speaks was the first in the series.

Seth explains consciousness in a way that truly expands ones ideas of reality. His book covers topics from death to reincarnation and beyond. Open-mindedness is key when reading this book. I found the book to be both fascinating and fantastical. Believing what Seth writes (or that Seth is what he describes himself as being) does alter how I approach the reality I am living right now. By expanding the definition of what we call reality, it gives me a sense of empowerment while also freeing me up from worrying about why life is the way it is.

On one hand much of the book made me go 'ah!' while some of it I hesitate about buying into. Which is fine. Seth clearly understands that even a pinprick in our bubble of reality can be enough to alter how one thinks about the world. If you are ready for a completely different take on life and consciousness read this book.

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