clearing energy momentum

I finally took down my ancient site today and replaced it with an interim page displaying one of my ceramic sculptures. It was time for the old stuff to go away and new stuff to start coming out into public.

I have realized that the process of clearing out the old energy has been continuing to happen even while I was slowing down and changing gears mentally. Now clearing out has a momentum of its own. We had a lot of stuck energy around our house that manifested as things that were broken or neglected - from a decrepit pool to a car with 5 recalls. Some of these were things I knew about and some were not. Renovating our pool released a bunch of that energy. Once the energy starts moving it is best to keep it moving which is easier to do once it is moving.

The one thing I thought I would do early on was clean my studio in the house. However, it has not yet been cleaned. Other things apparently had to be cleared out before it was time to clean my studio. But the time is near, I am ordering a shelving system for our living room that will absorb books from my studio. I have a old computer thats had its hard disk removed and is ready to be decommissioned. And soon I start school and will need a clear space to do - dare I say it - homework in.

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