cats and full moon

The cats have been rowdy in the last couple days. Not settling down. Bringing in things I would prefer they eat outside. Chasing bugs in unlikely spots at annoyingly odd hours of the night. Then climbing into my lap and purring their little hearts out.

Princess is our house cat meaning that she looks after the house and stays close to it usually sleeping on our bed or in the garage in a cuddler. She prefers the boy cats to sleep outside and not bother her. She follows us about our cul-de-sac and our yard when we are playing or gardening. She checks out all clay projects on my work table. She sleeps on my daughter's bed at night.

Hero is my long, lanky rowdy boy. Always hunting and bringing in something. He has his times he comes in and expects me to drop everything, sit in a chair, and pet him until he falls asleep in my lap. And if I don't do as he wants he meow whines until I do. And if I don't pet him as he wants he bites my fingers - a habit he gets in big trouble for. He knows better.

Mr. Cat, my big orange fellow, does as he always does. He is the guardian cat of the neighborhood with high standards about what is ok or not ok. Gets a bit tweaked with the world not doing as he thinks it should but manages to get by even so. He also follows us about the cul-de-sac and keeps a close eye on things. He will even follow us to the school next door which must be quite nerve-wracking for him as there are dogs there sometimes.

I have been watching them all as I have finally starting making more cats today in clay. Noticing how legs bend and curl. Wondering how to make a cat that has all four paws in a pile like Hero does when he curls up. Looking at the proportions of ears to nose. Connecting to cat essence.

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