powering up my life....

I have been working towards getting a kiln in my garage. The day I got the garage reconfigured with enough space for the kiln I want was the day someone posted an ad on craigslit with the kiln I am looking for. Good sign.

Then I found an electrician who came by today to check out the house power and what our options are. Turns out there is a plug behind our dryer that is 240V which the kiln could use. Good sign.

However, the current power load on the house system, the kiln won't be able to run while the pool is running or while we use the kitchen stove/oven. Not great but possibly workable if I run the kiln at night. So tomorrow I get to call the power company and find out if we can upgrade the power to our house.

OK Goddess aka Universe the reality I need to happen is that it will be straightforward and inexpensive to upgrade the power system for our house.

There is a parallel here between powering up my house and empowering myself. I am freeing myself to use my creative energies in new directions. As I so that I find the environment around me has to adapt. Energy needs to move through the spaces in new ways which means that in some cases I have to clean out old energy to get things to move. Making space and energy for a kiln to support my ceramic work seems to be a prime example of new energy coming in to replace old energy.

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