Ode to Grandmother Ocean

I want to be like Grandmother Ocean

Waves crashing and roaring, foaming onto the beach
Rolling the rocks until they sssshhhh as the water tumbles them
Moving the sand about, making new beach here, there
Mixing in the blue shells, the shiny shells, the pale white patterned shells
Scrubbing the shells until the under colors come out
Washing the holes into the rocks and stones until they make faces at you
Enticing the birds with flashes of fish in the waves
Gently pushing the water up to my toes
Then crashing in a roaring dance up to my knees
Waves merging and creating new waves, crisscrossing as they come in
Patterns of foam and ripples over patterns of stones and shells

Always creating with the surging flow of water
Destruction has no role, no place, no meaning

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