me update

Haven't been writing about me much lately. Been spending lots of time creating sculptures which is exactly what I want to do. And letting the summer laziness invade my mindset. Eat ice cream, get pool renovated, take child to swim lessons, play in park, go to zoo, and hang out.

Its a lifestyle perfect for unwinding from stress and too much 'do it' energy. It allows me space to examine what it is I really want. What it is I am willing and want to be responsible for. Instead of jumping in and doing something, I ask myself if I want to do that something.

Its like I am settling into a deeper part of myself. A place from which it is hard to verbalize what its like. I know I am connecting into something larger than the ego/self I am in this reality. Its a deeper place to create from. And it guides me in what I choose to do. But its not logical or analytical. Its very intuitive with a river of creation energy running through it.