even slower

Being at the beach fills me with peace and healing. Its where I go to recharge. There is something about laying on the warm sand, watching the pelicans fly over head, the seals pop up and check you out, and building sand castles that revives the soul energies. The waves wash over my feet while the sound cleanses my spirit.

I love capturing images of seaweed, shells, and momentary compositions before the waves wash them into something else. Walking in the waves as the tide goes out looking for exposed bits, treasure or not. Its a wordless, introspective exercise.

Wordless is one aspect of the feeling. Its about being at peace and not needing outward expressiveness. Its about filling up the inside - about going inside and hanging out while being at one with Grandmother Ocean. I may feel the need to create but there is no need what so ever to voice words or to talk about anything. Just to be.

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