one month check in

I keep getting these frenetic feelings that I should be DOING something. It appears to be a left over from work. My energy gets all crazy and I feel like a car all revved up with no place to go. The advice I got about dealing with it is to look inside myself and ask what I want to do. I realized I have not spent much time being contemplative which is something I want to do. Still have old structure falling away.

Today I was working on my autobiography and goals statement for the admissions packet to the school I am going to apply to. I actually found that writing my autobiography has been fun and cathartic at the same time. I enjoyed it and it helped me to really think about what my focus is right now in my life.

The amusing part is that I need to order a transcript. The form wanted to know what month and year I started college. Its was a LONG time ago (try 30 years). So, I thought do I have anything I saved from my college days besides my diploma? I went to look in my big file cabinet and loh and behold there is a manila envelope with all my receipts and class lists from college. The goddess smiles on me in amusing ways sometimes.