koi dragon

Recently Koi came passing through my life. First in a journey where I was asking for guidance. Koi told me it was time to get rid of the old structure in my life and that he would eat it for me. I was a bit surprised about this offer and did not explicitly take him up on it.

Then I woke up one morning with this sense that I needed to journey to the lower world where my power animals hang out. I did so and found Koi in one of the ponds in the river where Bear lives. I talked to Koi and this time gave my old structure to him to eat which he happily did. I woke up feeling like I had made room for something new in my life.

Koi, or carp, represent love, endurance, and courage as well as fertility. Koi feeds in murky waters and tells us to be patient and continue seeking even when it feels like we are doing so blindly. When carp appears, it means that opportunities are on the horizon. And, when Koi has completed what he wants in this life, it is said he turns into a dragon. :)

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