Living with the extraordinary

Saturday I went to a workshop on Living with the Extraordinary up in Penngrove. It was a experiential workshop with lots of interesting exercises to push one to really think about how we perceive this world we live in. To look at how much of the way we live our lives is based on conditioning or old beliefs or ideas we want to keep pursuing.

It was a great way to kick off this phase of my life. As the old structure falls away, new structure will replace it. By engaging in this process actively, I can direct and choose what new structure arises. As well as play with that new structure, continually adjusting it as I grow and change.

I also had a myriad of critter visits. At least 5 spiders crossing my path (weaving a new web are we?), deer, a lizard, crows, and vultures.

And a visit from the goddess of Death and Regeneration. At the end of one of the guided meditation exercises, she told me to create 20 goddess statues and that she would guide my hands as I worked. Tomorrow I work in my studio all day.