heart to mind: you listening??

I have been investigating going back to school for several months now. At first the thought was a degreee in mythology or archeo-mythology. The Pacifica Institute where Joseph Campbell left all of his work is one option. However, its a much longer commitment then what I want and more academic. Then there is CIIS in San Francisco which has a Masters degree program in Womens Spirituality that has several different options for emphasis.

Then I discovered that the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is starting a Masters Degree program in Womens Spirituality this fall. Covers all the topics I am interested in like the origins of myths and archeo-mythology. The projects can be completed with a academic focus or with an art focus. Its part-time, takes two years and they only meet on weekends about once a month. And the commute is good.

I am very close to submitting my application. It just feels right for me. It would be cool to be part of a community of like-minded people where we are all learning and exploring similar things. And in the second year of the program they do several things to help you figure out how to transition what you have been learning and doing into the rest of your life including how you make money from it.

The more I talk and think on it, the more it feels like something in me has already chosen this direction and I just need to get on with it. Intuition leading the logical mind. The knowing happens first and then the brain gets this message and has to get with the plan. No wonder my body has been redoing my wiring lately. The current has reversed itself from heart to brain.