expansion factor

Its amazing. Take one very large time consuming item out of your life and immediately everything else tries to sneak in and take its place. Its clear that discipline and determination will be needed at some point here.

However, there are other factors to consider. I am dialing down the 'must be highly organized all the time" defense mode which was the only way I got through a day of work, kid, and the rest of the crap that had to be done so I could have a few minutes to myself. This dialing down process is going to take some time and latitude on my part.

At the same time my priorities are clearly changing. I have some short-term and some long-term things in play. And finding the balance point is a constantly shifting process as nothing is settled or will be for a while.

I find myself annoyed at all that is not done and happily making cupcakes all in the same day. Its hard to judge progress which progress looks nothing like what I "think" with my brain it should look like. I am allowing myself to perceive things intuitively to understand where I am at. The brain is learning to stand back and observe and let my heart lead. And sometimes the brain and the heart swapping leadership roles makes things really wierd in here.