creating space

I realized today that doing ceramics in my studio which is a bedroom inside my house is not going to work. Its the same room I have two computers, loads of books, and other art supplies. Clay makes dust and try as much as I like, I am not going to be able to keep it clean enough for computers not to be effected.

So I bought a canvas tent canopy beast on the suggestion of a friend. Its 10 by 20 feet and I am going to set it up on our deck and try that out. It has canvas sides which will provide good shade. And on the deck it will be close to power and water. Set up a couple utility tables and it should work fine. If not, it was not a huge investment and I can try something else.

I also realized this urge around cleaning and clearing out clutter in my house is about creating a space for me. A space that allows free movement of creative energies. We did a major cleaning on Tuesday with more yet to do, however there is already an improvement that can be felt.

Next up is discipline. Spending two hours a day in my studio creating.