cat to bird or my first week of no job

I did not get done all that I might have envisioned in my first week of unemployment, but then my 'eyes were bigger then my stomach' as my father used to say to me when I tried to eat more than I could. However, that said, I do have a clean closet. Progress is being made on cleaning out clutter.

I got cat goddess completed and into the queue for bisque firing. (Blessings upon you cat goddess. May you come through the kiln fires in one piece!)

Friday night I went to a planetary ritual around the moon and ended up having a conversation with the goddess about the next statue to create. This one is apparently a bird goddess. I went home and have been drawing bird-woman heads ever since. Have a plan for the arms-wings. The face is taking a bit longer. Have to figure out the feet too as they have to show under her skirt.

I have also found that mom duties, school volunteering, and other aspects of my life immediately want to rush in and take over my time. It takes discipline to counter that. I did it by simply ignoring everything else on Tuesday and only working on the cat goddess. And even though I have a school yearbook to contribute to, I am going to spend Tuesday this week on a bird goddess.