working the soil

Yesterday was a transitional day. Have been working on getting the loan on my parents house refinanced which is key to financing my sabbatical. Of course, everything had to get signed and notarized yesterday and sent back.

The docs showed up a bit later then we expected but my husband and I got them signed. Only to realize that my parents had to sign some of them too in front of a notary. My parents live over an hour away from me.

I call my parents and their phone is busy, busy, busy. This is not right as they have voicemail. Ok, call a friend who calls them on a different line which works. So I call them on that line. Tell my dad what's up. He points out my mom has not driven a car since last summer and no one knows where her license is.

While he starts hunting for her license, I go to the safe deposit box where I have her passport. Its expired. I call my dad who is still looking. I start driving to their house. On the way, I call my dad and ask if he perchance has power of attorney to sign her name. Nope, and he can't find her license. However, he is tracking down a person they worked with for many years who is still a notary. You don't need ID if the notary knows you.

I keep driving. The way to their house is through farm land. Farm land in full bloom with yellow flowers, mustard, almond trees in full white bloom, green grass, and tractors are plowing the deep dark brown soil. The red-winged blackbirds sprint by. I see a hawk hanging out in a field. New things are happening all around me and in my life. It takes work to get the soil ready for planting.

"Goddess, I need your help here!" Yes, I prayed. Or maybe you would call it a conversation. Whatever you call it, I filled myself with my intent and focused that energy on making this happen. I did not panic. I believed.

The notary met us. The documents were signed and sent back to the loan company. I drove home through the green fields with furrows and new plantings and sent my thanks on the wings of the hawks and crows back up to the goddess. The soil is being readied for planting.

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