three weeks and counting

We are off to Yosemite for a week. I expect to be posting pictures so keep an eye on the blog.

Its been a very busy week at work. Late evenings and customer meetings and stuff to do. After our little interlude at Yosemite next week, I will have two weeks left at work.

May 1st is my last day of work. It seems fitting it be that day. Beltaine - the celebration of the god and goddess coming together, jumping over the fire and creating life! Spring is here, plants and animals are procreating, and life is growing everywhere. And I, too, will be creating myself a new life.

I bought a new laptop today to replace both my work laptop and my personal tower at home. One I have to give back and the other is a bit old and slow. I now have a sleek, black macbook. Needs some bling on it. :) Its a sign of my new life. Sleek, smaller, trimmed down to just what I need.

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