one week to go...

I spent a better portion of today sorting through drawers, files, and folders in my office at work. I did a major clean out of this office just over a year ago and there was still loads to throw out.

It did bring back some memories - some of them funny. 14 year old photos (oh goddess that hair!!), really old comics strips (visualize being towed), and some truly odd give-aways from conferences. Some were even obsolete. There was a cool doohickey for taking a modem cable with you but I haven't connected via a modem in years.

Of course, I have not started packing yet and thats going to take a bit. I am determined to not come home with more than two boxes to store. One would be even better but patent plaques take up room and I want those to show my daughter one day when she's old enough to understand what they are.

I started handing off books and folders to folks. That clearly makes them sad. However, its their 'sad' not mine. The whole process of clearing stuff out left me feeling lighter like I was lifting stones and rocks off my back that I don't need to carry anymore.

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