closure movement

Things are starting to move into a phase of closure at work. Tasks that I used to do are being done by others. Conversations I used to drive or lead, are being driven by others. I started seeing this shift today. Its good.

It gives me closure to see the shifting patterns. Happy to see others stepping up. Relief that I do not have to invest my energy into these things any more. A little sad but also a sense of freedom.

The freedom to do what I want is a good feeling even if somewhat scary. Scared I will fill up my time with useless tasks. Worried a bit about the money transition - though I can feel myself already slowing down on the "shopping" already. I find my focus is shifting and I don't want to spend energy shopping.

I find myself asking myself do I need that? Do I want to do that? Does it matter if this task doesn't get done by me? or doesn't get done at all? What do I really want to do? All of these questions are changing my focus and what I pay attention to. I feel like I can't wait to divest myself of lots of "not needed" crap in my life so I can move in a much more unfettered fashion. To hone my focus by ridding my life of those things I don't want anymore.

So I can make room for creating something new.....

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