Spring = eggs + bunnies

There is something about spring and all that new life arising from the earth that just screams multiply! reproduce! eat chocolate!

The Easter Bunny comes at our house to bring chocolate. Tomorrow morning my daughter says shes waking up at the crack of dawn. (I told her I am not!)

She is awaiting Bunny's arrival. She was a bit worried as Daddy is now sick and Momma has been sick and we told Grandma and Grandpa better not to have them over and get them sick. Did this mean Bunny won't come? No egg hunts? NO CHOCOLATE???

Thats where the cupcakes come in. We decorated them with eggs. Can't you tell? :) That should make it clear to Bunny that Bunny is to come tomorrow morning regardless of Grandma and Grandpa not coming.

I will report tomorrow but somehow I think Bunny is coming. Who would miss a chance to eat cupcakes ilke these?

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