speed clay

I drove down to the clay place and bought myself a big heavy bag of clay.

Then I came home and started cleaning up my studio. I thought I was going to just start working with the clay but the energy of my studio needed cleaning. I got distracted by putting away, cleaning out old files, rearranging the surface of a work table. I realized I have much to do to cleanse the energy of my studio and return it to a space for creating.

However I did get it to a point where I could start working with the clay. As I started working, I found myself working very quickly - almost fumbling in my attempts to get the clay into the form I was visualizing. A voice in my head started saying, slow down. Its ok to take your time. The responsible part came back with but I only have two hours; I need to get with it. Back and forth I went. However, I listened to the slow down and recognized the need for it. I treated the formation of the clay as a meditation and then forms started emerging from the clay.

The experience pointed out to me that this process of re-targeting my life (or whatever one wants to call it) is going to take some serious effort and time. It also made me long for a day where I have ALL day to work the clay instead of two hours!

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