side stepping chaos

Lately, its been feeling like there are these huge swirls of chaotic energy all about me. And I have to step carefully to not get drawn into them. Or maybe its that I am more aware that they exist and that I have to be careful what I involve myself in. I think its part of my life shifting that I am more aware. Here are some of the swirls.

Getting rear-ended, I had no choice about. Fortunately, between going to the doctor and the wonderful healing from my bodytalk practioner Ian, I have been mostly without pain today. My left side apparently needed to release some energy and realign itself.

Last night we got a call that one of the little girls in my moms group has lymphoma aka cancer. She had trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital where they discovered she had a collapsed lung due to a tumor and fluid. Prognosis is good but with a long treatment period of chemo. She is the same age as my daughter.

Work is doing another redirection. Go here, jump, no go back. No go here again. Sigh.

My good friend Andi went in for major surgery today. She was amazingly brave - one of the bravest people I know given the myriad of medical conditions she has. I was at the hospital all day. Held her hand, called her mom, and posted comments to her blog to let folks know what was up. She is doing very well all things considered.

So I ended the day by going to my ceramics class. Where I worked on glazing pieces and doing hand building. Where my teacher talked about how she loves working with clay because as she works on it, her mind empties of all the chatter. Empty mind was just what I needed. Made another cat, a box with curvy bits, and a small vase-ish piece that was all carved up to look like bark.

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