I have a knot to untangle around responsibility. When I was a kid, I learned that being responsible made me a good person. So part of me grew up to be dependable, responsible, the person who took care of things, the person who got things done. Whether it was good for me or not, things got done because someone had to do them and I was that one.

Maybe it worked when I was 6 years old but this pattern of behavior is now a trap in my life that sucks energy and is creating large problems for me in a variety of places. It no longer makes me happy in the way it incarnates in my life.

To tackle this knot, I have to understand the following questions: responsible to? responsible for?

When these two questions were first posed to me, I didn't understand the distinction between what was being asked. I thought on it all day and realized that I am only responsible to me. Me, myself, and I .... and maybe the Goddess as my higher self.

So if I am only responsible to me, then what am I truly responsible for? What do I WANT to be responsible for? What do I feel comfortable being responsible for?

And, what am I no longer responsible for?

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