how does one play?

Play is a key factor in recharging one's batteries. There is lots of research out there about how people and kids do so much better in life when they spend a significant amount of time playing. So I have been pondering playing. If I were to have time in my life to play, what would I do?

This question of course first presents the issue that I have to ask myself what I want to do. Not what I should do. Or what the responsible and organized side of me thinks would be a good idea. What do I want to do? So as a way to practice this concept of stating what I want I started a list.

go to the beach and watch the waves break
drive my car through the mountains with the top off and my hair blowing in the wind
build sandcastles
watch a sunset at the ocean until its completely done and the stars come out
go visit all the museums in san francisco in one week
go to see some caves in the gold country
visit mount shasta and lava tubes
sit quietly outside somewhere in nature for as long as I want
take 2-3 walks every week
create artwork in my studio whenever I want
setup my studio for creating art and nothing else
visit that park with the redwood tree you can drive a car through
go see spiderwick chronicles in the movie theatre
read my pile of books during the day and not right before bed
go to the marine preserve in moss beach by myself and take photos as long as I want
go to point lobos and do the same thing
hang out with friends and laugh a lot
eat a whole bag of chocolate sandwich cookies in one sitting
wirte another children's story or two
create a book from one of my stories complete with illustrations

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