archetype masculine

I was reading my latest book Dancing in the Flames by Marion Woodward last night. Kept having all these ideas and images and thoughts coming up as I read. Like....

I think its time to establish a new relationship with the masculine part of my spirit. There is a piece of the responsibility knot that is tied up with the relationship I had with my father when I was a child. The projection I have in my mind about masculinity is out of date and out of whack with where I am going in my life.

Maybe thats why I have had these dreams in which this man appears. He is someone I respect and like who I sense this deep connection with. He understands me and respects me. The energy is very steady and gentle and strong. Hard to describe in words as the image comes as this holistic image/emotions representation. I am drawn to him and he takes me around and shows me things. We walked through an art gallery in one dream.

In the book, the authors talk about archetypes and archetypal psychology. Sometimes when these images appear in our dreams it is the archetypal energy from our unconscious connecting with us as we become ready for it.

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