a breath of moon

I took a bunch of stones out and put them under the moon tonight for cleansing and charging. Wolves, bear, horse, hematite, barite, crystals, and others.

Between car accident, hospital day, kindergarten field trip, and high powered rituals I overloaded myself. The immune system had too much to deal with and I got sick. Bronchitis and sinuses. Mind you, I am not saying I wish I had not done any of those things - except the car accident! A bodytalk session with Ian helped.

I meditated with the goddess while outside and asked for healing. She talked to me and I asked for help on staying present in the now, especially in the next month or so. And for more dreams to guide me. I realized I use the stones and animals to stay in contact with her. They are my talismans that connect me especially when the culture I live in becomes overwhelming.

Mr. Cat sat with me. He has great energy. He is now on his back with his front paws curled up snoozing on the carpet. I think he learned that particular position from a dog.

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