I want to run away to the circus

I went to see Kooza, the latest touring Cirque de Soleil show on Saturday. I loved it. I sat there grinning and laughing the entire show. The show was amazing, wlld, dramatic, hilarious, awe-inspiring, gorgeous, and mesmerizing. Its like I am experiencing pure creativity. I have the same feeling every time I go to a Cirque show.

My dream job would be to create one of those shows. The costumes, the music, the blending and weaving of all the elements. The way the different acts and performers flow together into oe holistic experience.

My daughter who is now 6 years old went for her first time. She was totally entranced. She laughed, grabbed my arm, her eyes got very big, she jumped when things went boom. The day after she ran around all day in her cirque t-shirt and even went to bed wearing it. Told me she wanted to go again.

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