The Goddess of Regeneration is apparently not done with my neck of the woods yet.

One of my father's sisters had a stroke about a week and a half ago and died a couple days later. Its how my dad's side of the family does it. He has 9 brothers and sisters and almost all of them have had a major stroke and died within a day or two. Only one took longer and that was likely because he was the youngest and endured several strokes.

The aunt who passed on I remember as being the one who had a habit of saying "Well!" in that mom tone of voice when things in a conversation lulled. Funny how you remember that sort of thing. She was out for a walk when the stroke happened. In her 80's.

Now a second aunt, the eldest sister has had a stroke. She was in her 90's and still going albeit with a cane. I will be sorry she has passed on but I know she will return to this earth.

Goddess of Death and Regeneration
Take these spirits into your heart
Hold them close for us and for them
Enfold them in your Darkness and your Love
Plant them in your soil, your eternal womb
May they grow again into Life
May they return again to this earth
May their spirit grace us again.

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