the breath of life

Apparently I did not chant my intention enough times. I woke up with that familiar pinched feeling in the top of the left lung that means my lungs are annoyed. Sinuses too. Can't quite tell if its allergic bronchitis or a virus kicking it all off. Suspect the latter. Arrgh.

Its times like this when I have trouble taking a whole breath without coughing, than I am reminded how important breath is to life. Not just the physical must-breathe-or-die sense, but the idea of breathing life into everything I touch or do. 
When I stop doing that or hold myself back, it shuts down part of me. And if I keep on holding back, then more of me shuts down. And my life turns into boring, nullifying, drudgery.
However, when I touch or do something and inject it with energy and life, like a clay scupture or a blog posting, then its like a clean, fresh breeze of light flows through me. Its clears out all the held-up energy in  me. I love that feeling. I think I am going to do more of it. 
Wonder if works on clearing out lungs? :)
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