that was wierd

I came home last Wednesday feeling completely crappy, tired, scratchy throat, low fever, achy joints and coughing. I take airborne. I go to bed early. I call Ian the Bodytalk person in the morning. I take more airborne. i sleep most of Thurday. I still feel pretty lousy on Thursday night. I have serious shortness of breath. I use my inhaler several times because I have to.

Then Thursday night around 2:30 am, the fever breaks. I wake up feeling cautiously better. And continue to get better. Wake up Saturday today and feel like I am mostly all over whatever it is.

Maybe I did chant enough. Maybe the bodytalk healing did it. Or the Airborne. Or talking to the goddess. Maybe all of it together. I am just immensely thankful that what clearly felt like one nasty case of bronchitis has departed. However, I have to admit I am a bit shocked that it has so quickly.

I am just wondering how I make this happen next time and the time after..... :)

The energy in my body is clearly realigning. Today I bonked, burned, and cut my hands (very minor injuries). However, contrary to the usual, more of the injuries ended up on my right hand. Not my left.

Right is masculine, left is feminine. Right is logic, left is intuition. This is a good shift.

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