rain bowl

The huge storm blew though today. Winds whipping the trees and sending branches and leaves every which way. Rain poured for hours. Our pool, which needed water, does no longer. I walked down the street at one point to check it out and cleaned out two storm drains. Carefully, mind you. The water was rushing down in a flood. I was soaked of course.

I put a big wide metal bowl out on the deck to collect water. Put a stone in it. The wind blew it clean off the deck, some 20 feet away. I positioned it against a big pot. The wind blew it across the deck in a different direction. I got a brick and put it in and wedged the bowl against the fence. It stayed put.

I now have a huge bowl of rain water which I have already filled up one bottle from and the bowl is still pretty full! Love that storm energy.

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