Lady Death is loving

Our culture in the West reviles death, thinking that death is an end to life. How wrong they are! Understanding regeneration and the life/death/life cycle is empowering. It gives me hope and understanding of how to move in my own life.

There is a large black walnut tree in my yard. He is a great old lusty spirit. I have talked to him many times on a full moon night. He calls me over. He is old and slowly dying. I started out thinking to mourn him but he laughs at me. The squirrels have taken his walnuts and hidden them all over my yard. There are little walnut trees sprouting. Instead of mourning him, I have a job to do to transplant the little sprouts from the very inconvenient places the squirrels hide them. I am collecting old black walnut's new life to me. He dies creating new life.

Think about the role of Death in creating Life. In Death, our soul leaves this body to move on to a new life. Ok, but what causes us to be reborn? Death is what causes Birth. The child cannot be born, the seed cannot grow unless it has first died. Death is regeneration. She guides our transformation from Death to Life.

In our lives, Lady Death is who whispers in our ears to tell us when it is time for something to die so that something new can be born. So how do we connect to her?

A skeleton is how our culture portrays Death. Halloween skeletons, zhombies, ghouls, bony hands reaching out to get you. Amusingly, bones are the essence of our body; symbolically they are our soul containers. They are what is left when all else is gone. Bones are like seeds; we can be cut to the bone and regenerate again.

There is that saying: "a skeleton in the closet". Well, I have one in my body. Lady Death is in me and I have been talking to her.

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