intuitive driver?

Its been a strange week. Sick kid, sick husband, sick friends, changes at work, shifting energy in my circle, and a body thats not altogether healthy at the moment. Yet somehow, I have been able to respond to certain events in a more intuitive manner. It was somewhat surprising yet very comforting.

I have been walking a path in which I am moving from a place where I allowed my logical, practical, responsible side to run everything to putting my intuitive, see-from-the-heart, creative side in charge. The logical side has been given notice that it serving the intuitive side.

Having started down this path, responding to life becomes more of a dance than a stressful chore. Once I stop thinking that I have to be responsible for making things happen and then try to force things to go that way in a practical manner, I find that intuitively I know where my next step is.

Its funny in that odd funny way. Things flow so much easier when following the intuitive path. There is more shifting that needs to take place for my intuitive side to truly be the driver, but I can feel the change already.

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