I finished reading Women Who Run with the Wolves. Its funny, I read it years ago just after it came out and loved it.

However, the words in the book are not the same ones I read years ago. Its is however the same physical book I read years ago. The words just have a life of their own. I remember the stories, but there are parts that I just don't remember reading before and parts that are not there anymore.

That said, the book was exactly what I needed to read right now. Its a wonderful guide to restoring one's creative energies and connecting with one's wild woman soul.

Now I am working on a working. Something to energize my intentions around re-invention. I am aiming for the new moon next week. There is an interesting conjunction of sun and moon that appeals to me. Success and goddess. Chrysophase and ruby. Oak and vervain and pomegranite. Its like creating a stew but with wildish ingredients. Yum, yum.

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