dolls are my intuition

I have been re-reading Clarissa Pinkola Estes' Women Who Run with the Wolves book. There is a story she tells about a girl called Vasalisa who is given a doll by her dying mother. The doll represents the girl's intuition. 

Dolls have played a role in human life for many thousands of years. Goddess figurines and sculptures are doll manifestations. The mandrake root is a doll of sorts. Dolls emanate life and spirit. Estes describes the doll in the story as "the symbolic homunculi, the little life".  Dolls are a woman's inner spirit, her intuition. 
Intuition is something that our culture disdains unless it is cloaked in patents or brilliant ideas. We women are not encouraged to follow our intuition; it is pounded out of us at a early age without so much as a second thought. 
Yet as little girls, we play avidly with dolls pouring all our secrets and ideas and imagination into them. The dolls are our developing intuition at that age. I remember when I played with my Barbie dolls, I was the one who got dressed up and went to work. The other girls would stay home and take care of the babies. Not me. And what did I do as an adult? Went out into the world to work. 
Then  a month ago, I went out and bought my daughter Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. My sister got Glinda the Good Witch. And I got myself the Wicked Witch of the West. Impulse or intuitive need?
I loved the Wizard of Oz as a kid and identified with Dorothy. But as an adult I adored the book Wicked. Reading the other side of the story, I identified completely with the Wicked Witch of the West. And that Barbie doll Witch is Wicked. 
And now, reading about dolls and intuition, I realize a couple of things. Its time for me to play with dolls again - but different ones that sing to my soul. And, there is a way to use dolls to teach and pass on to my daughter how to connect with, use, and feed her intuition. 
The best way to protect yourself against the intuition-killers in our culture is to use your intuition to its fullest potential. They will never know what happened to them. :)
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