In the last month, we have had three ant incursions. All of them starting from the baseboard on the wall of my studio that is also an external wall of my house. The ants start from the baseboard on the wall of the studio, make their way out and across the studio floor to the hallway, across the hallway to the bathroom, and all the way to the other end where the cat food lives.

I cleaned up the first two incursions, poured borax along the portion of the baseboard they were invading from, and noted that they used the exact same any trail both times. Even though I used soap and cleanser on the floor to clean up said-ant trail. Thought they were done for and then after the big storm, I came home from work on Monday and they had an eight lane freeway going from studio wall to cat food bowl. Over the same exact ant trail. I cleaned up again.

Then I went and did what I should have after the first incursion. Read up on ants and what it means when they show up in your life.

Ant is, of course, industrious and persistent. No surprises there. However, ant energy is not all about the hard work aspect. Its also about the success that comes from staying the course. And the idea that if you put out that effort to stay the course, you will end up in a better place.

Stay the course? With what is brewing in my life right now, this is very appropriate energy to appear. Thank you ant.

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