this time of the year

The holidays are almost over. I love putting up lights, trees, and decorations. Baking cookies, singing carols, hanging out with friends, watching the kids tear into presents, opening my own presents, eating great stuffing. - these are what make the holidays fun.

The holidays are a time of bright light in the middle of the dark of the year. Celebrating the sun being reborn and the goddess giving birth to the god yet again. About life regenerating itself in the never-ending cycle. About days starting to get longer as we move into winter proper. The downward slide into darkness reverses itself and the earth moves back towards light again.

What did I do in 2007? Gave myself permission to become, to create, to have the freedom to creatively restructure my life. And with the darkness moving to lightness, I feel like I am almost done with my homework and getting ready to come out of my cocoon. Like a seed ready to germinate and send up new green shoots.

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